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Welcome to Reliable Automotive Engineer Services

RAES “Reliable Automotive Engineer Services” is a fast growing medium sized quality Assurance Company a Testing Services

•Conducts properties, performance and lifecycle testing.
•NDT Testing (X-ray, UT, MPT, DPT) by ASNT level II & III Certified Professionals. Available testing includes:
•Spectro Analysis (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous) (Complete)
•Adhesion Test, Salt Spray Test , Paint Coating, Powder Coating, Phosphate Coating, Anodizing Thickness, Electro Plating Thickness ( Cu, Ni, Cr, Cd, Ag, Sn, Zn ) (each),

( Tensile Strength, Yield stress/ Proof Stress & Elongation, Load Test of different assemblies), Hardness BHN, Hardness HRB/HRC, Hardness VPN, Bend Test Pipe, Rebend Test, Micro Structure Cast Iron, Welder qualification test, Welding Electrodes (Chemical & Mechanical Testing), Welding Electrodes (Chemical & Mechanical Testing), Weld Penetration Test, Abrasion, Hot and cold environment performance (chamber) with humidity control ETC.