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RAES “Reliable Automotive Engineer Services” is a fast growing medium sized quality Assurance Company

Pre-production inspection: At the beginning of production, we inspect the product quality of all the production materials, parts, mode of production, etc to ensure that the products will meet the quality requirements.
Pre-production inspections are important to prevent quality problems, improve product quality and help ensure that the customer will receive high-quality products ahead of scheduled delivery time.

Sample inspection services: Product inspection covering Quality (Material, Testing, Dimensional, Gauging and Appearance checks), Quantity & Packaging verification as per contractual requirements & customer Drawing/Standard prior to submission to customer.

Pilot Trial/PPAP lot approval:  Process Monitoring (Pp and Ppk), MSA Study Plan/ Actual, SPC Chart Planning/Actual for Special Characteristics and inspection planning and all P-Pap required data

During production inspection: Inspections will be conducted when 30% of products are finished for the sake of earlier detection of problems and avoiding further production of a large number of noncompliant products. We will punctually feed back to our client effective improvement actions. At this stage, we will detect problems and propose improvement actions early and predict the production efficiency and completion time of the client.

Process Upgrading Service:  The entire manufacturing process assessment are aimed to provide detailed information to the customer  on the process involving, Raw Material Inspection / Usage / storage and handling ,Technology , Usage Condition and Maintenance Status of Inspection Equipment and facilities , Personnel Qualification  and Skill involved directly in manufacturing process  control and  testing General Workmanship , Production Monitoring and Control Practices, Product verification ( Incoming ,stage and Final Inspection and Testing Equipment Control and Calibration System, Packaging and Dispatch Handling Equipment and Practices .

Pro-Active Containment Services (PAC): Involves provision of services for application of early product containment during pilot run and advanced pilot run phases of new product. Covers root cause analysis support, corrective action verification FMEA, control plan updating, compliance verification and monitoring support.